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Hill88 helps corporates engage with the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem, and helps early stage startups scale to sustainability.

need traction?

A key performance indicator for investors in early stage startups is traction. But getting to product revenue can take time, especially in a consumer hardware or technology licensing businesses.

Another way to demonstrate traction is to work with large corporates. Open innovation is the new trend in R&D and companies are eager to engage with startups to try out new ideas in their area of business. These engagements could provide early validation and quite often, a startup’s first revenues.

What’s the best way to find these corporates and discern real opportunities and partnership opportunities from the multitude of “innovation tourists” that are plying the valley?

hire an expert

Hill88 has been scouting for Fortune 500 corporations for the last decade - we understand the innovation ecosystem here and after 25 years of operating in the Silicon Valley we have built a deep network of connections.

But we also have experience working for early stage startups - we understand precisely how to bring these cultures together for a win/win deal.

Increase Your Valuation

It's no secret - valuations for startups based in Silicon Valley are far higher than those based elsewhere in the world.    But it's also the most expensive place to work - and to find talented employees.     Early stage startups need to keep costs low, yet still appear to be global players with a presence in Silicon Valley.    Hill88 can act as your "forward base" in Silicon Valley at the fraction of the cost of a permanent office or relocation.

"Hill88 is our forward base in Silicon valley, positioning gestigon as a global player within the corporate innovation ecosystem.   Hill88 helps us win the battle for mindshare in our market."

Moritz v. Grotthuss, CEO gestigon (successfully acquired by Valeo in 2017)


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