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Hill88 helps corporates engage with the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem, and helps early stage startups scale to sustainability.

For Startups That need traction

Know the Unknowns

Entrepreneurs running early stage startups have to contend with an often-overwhelming cloud of unknowns.   Hill88 has been there, done that.   Experienced executive talent can help shine the light on (and solve!) many of these unknowns, including early stage financial modeling, engineering and supply chain process setup, team vision/goal setting, and product/market fit.

Get Traction

Investors love traction, and working with corporations could be an early indicator of traction, often providing a startup's first revenues.

The other side of Hill88's business involves tech scouting for corporates, so we are experts in the innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley as well as corporate engagement models.   Don't waste your time with the "innovation tourists" - find and make deals with the corporations that consider your startup a strategic partner for their industry.

Increase Your Valuation

It's no secret - valuations for startups based in Silicon Valley are far higher than those based elsewhere in the world.    But it's also the most expensive place to work - and to find talented employees.     Early stage startups need to keep costs low, yet still appear to be global players with a presence in Silicon Valley.    Hill88 can act as your "forward base" in Silicon Valley at the fraction of the cost of a permanent office or relocation.

"Hill88 is our forward base in Silicon valley, positioning gestigon as a global player within the corporate innovation ecosystem.   Hill88 helps us win the battle for mindshare in our market."

Moritz v. Grotthuss, CEO gestigon


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