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Hill88 helps corporates engage with the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem, and helps early stage startups scale to sustainability.

Hill88's Story

After graduating from Stanford Business School in 2011 as a Sloan Fellow, Steffen helped an early stage startup (LUMO BodyTech) get to their first commercial product, while at the same time helping a large ($20B) global supplier to automotive (Faurecia) get connected to the startup scene in Silicon Valley.


He realized that corporates and startups need each other.   Corporates need startup innovation and hyper-fast execution, while startups need the scale in production and distribution provided by corporates.   Yet, these two entities rarely mix well!  Steffen brings a unique skillset to the table, understanding the points of view from both a technical engineering and an operational business management perspective, and is comfortable in working in a frenzied startup setting as well as with serious corporates.    Steffen created Hill88 to create a virtuous cycle between startups and large corporates, creating win/win scenarios for everyone.

About Steffen Bartschat

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Steffen Bartschat is the CEO & Founder of Hill88 and a Silicon Valley veteran for over twenty five years.   At Hill88, he has completed global engagements for a wide variety of established consumer and industrial companies, including Faurecia, Cisco, and THX, as well as emerging startups including gestigon, LUMO BodyTech, Edlink, and WiederTV.

As interim COO of wearable startup LUMO BodyTech, Steffen built its engineering team and assembled a global supply chain to ship initial product, while building and monitoring the company's 3 year business plan.  LUMO raised a successful "Series A" investment round in December 2012.

As Head of Business Development for gesture recognition startup gestigon, Steffen closed business deals with local corporates, uncovered new markets in Virtual Reality, and represented the company at pitch days and conferences.  gestigon was acquired by Tier One global automotive supplier Valeo in March 2017.

As Strategic Advisor for automotive supplier Faurecia, Steffen drives the startup scouting activities for the company in Silicon Valley, while also contributing to the adaptation of the innovation pipeline into its overall R&D process.

Steffen graduated from Stanford Business School as an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow and is actively mentoring students engaged in its entrepreneurial programs.     Before entering the Sloan program, Steffen held executive engineering management positions at Sonic Solutions (Roxio), Broderbund Software, Electronic Arts, and IBM Corporation.

Steffen holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and an MS in Business Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business.   As a German-born US citizen, Steffen is fluent in both English and German, with a working knowledge of French.   He has worked on three continents: Asia, North America, Europe. 

LinkedIn Profile:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/bartschat    


About the "real" Hill 88

The real Hill 88 is located in the Marin Headlands portion of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, where Steffen serves as a National Park Service Volunteer Docent.    The peak was named by the US Army during the cold war when it built several defensive missile batteries surrounding the city of San Francisco.

Today, the site is preserved by the National Park Service and it makes a spectacular hiking destination, providing 360 degree views of the Pacific Ocean, the Mt. Tamalpais watershed, San Francisco, and the Bay. Plan your visit at the Marin Headlands Visitor Center. 

Steffen decided to name his business after Hill 88 since it makes an excellent business metaphor - keeping the focus on climbing the numerous smaller (& achievable) peaks like Hill 88 as opposed to targeting the mostly unobtainable goals such as K2 or Everest...      

The background photos of this website, by the way, were taken by Steffen at Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta.   So Mt. Everest is not totally out of the question...

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