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Hill88 helps corporates engage with the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem, and helps early stage startups scale to sustainability.

For Corporates That Need a Silicon Valley Strategy

The Silicon Valley is the world leader in patents issued and early stage companies funded. Its combination of knowledge (Stanford, UC Berkeley), concentration of skill (Google, Apple, Facebook, etc), and access to capital (angel, venture, corporate) make it a unique engine of sustained innovation.  Corporates understand the need to plug into this engine to be prepared for the future, but find this difficult to do from afar.  

Hill88 provides an efficient way to plug in, drastically more cost-effective than the traditional strategies of implementing either venture capital limited partnerships, corporate venture, or a dedicated R&D site. We provide services on either an active basis (we represent your corporation in Silicon Valley) or on a passive basis (we work independently, pre-screen opportunities, and then hand them off to your corporate contacts for further engagement), depending on your preference.

Mindshare   Silicon Valley is a network-based culture. Every event and meeting is an opportunity to build out the network and establish mindshare for your corporation within the Valley.   With the right amount of established mindshare, as entrepreneurs and investors think about who to engage with in your industry, they will think of your company first.  This is an example of an active engagement.

Deal Flow  Most of the interesting startups and deals circulate in private networks.   As traditional venture takes a more conservative approach to investments, angel investors have taken up the slack in sourcing and evaluating interesting seed stage startups.   Hill88 can plug corporates into the angel-based deal flow.  Deal flow engagements can be either active or passive.

Global Focus  While startups are founded all over the world, most of them leave a footprint in Silicon Valley as they are working to access mindshare, investor capital, or market opportunities.   Hill88 finds interesting startups located all over the globe.

Forward Base Imagine a 3 day visit to the Silicon Valley packed with meetings with startups, university experts, corporates, and investors targeted to your specific innovation challenges. Hill88 prescreens these targets, arranges your meeting schedule, and provides follow-up.  Our service is individually focused – we only work with 2-3 clients at a time in non-overlapping industries.  Commercial accelerators present the same scouting list to you and all your competitors.   With Hill88's model, you will be introduced to the startups first!

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Culture Change   Bring the Silicon Valley culture to your local office!  Learn more about early-stage startup methodologies, such as Lean Startup (fail fast building a minimum viable product) and Design Thinking (creating empathy, ideation & hypothesis, prototype & test).   Get help in adapting these methodologies into your process.

"Hill88 has had a significant impact on our company's R&D strategy, resulting in new development programs and startup investments.  HIll88's scouting is precisely focused on our needs."

- Rob Huber, VP Innovation, Faurecia 


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